Distractions Galore

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I really am trying to complete my online marketing assignments, but it’s been beyond difficult. The distractions of Facebook and the inspirational list of blogs I read are really hard to avoid. I think everyone should rethink the easier approach to online classes because your more likely to not have motivation when there are other fun things to do on the internet (or that could just be me). As much as I enjoy being on Facebook I really should consider removing it out of my life. It’s ridiculously obsessive!!



November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

While looking through my blog roll, I found this very cool blog that posts photos of unique people in the fashion world. Down Town From Behind is the name. The untypical photography showcases the people of New York from the back. They are fun and fresh photos that share a little story.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show..Glee Style

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tonight is the anticipated GLEE episode inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture show. The episode is expected to bring in a load of viewers; not that it needs help in the ratings. The casting of each Glee characer was matched perfectly to the motion picture in my opinion. The episodes music was released a week in advance so viewers can sing along to the classic melodies. I watched the original movie last night to get a better understanding of the movie. I also wanted to connect the songs with the characters so I knew which Glee stars were singing what. I really cannot wait to watch! I’ll make sure to review the episode later.

Glee Character to Rocky Horror Characters

Rachel: will be playing Janet

Finn: will be playing Brad

Kurt: will be playing Riff Raff

Quinn and Tina will both switch on the role of Magenta

Artie will play Dr. Everett V. Scott

Sam: Rocky Horror (blonde with a tan)

Brittany: will be playing Columbia

Carl  aka John Stamos and Mike Chang will share the role of Eddie (a hotter version)