The Rocky Horror Picture Show..Glee Style

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tonight is the anticipated GLEE episode inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture show. The episode is expected to bring in a load of viewers; not that it needs help in the ratings. The casting of each Glee characer was matched perfectly to the motion picture in my opinion. The episodes music was released a week in advance so viewers can sing along to the classic melodies. I watched the original movie last night to get a better understanding of the movie. I also wanted to connect the songs with the characters so I knew which Glee stars were singing what. I really cannot wait to watch! I’ll make sure to review the episode later.

Glee Character to Rocky Horror Characters

Rachel: will be playing Janet

Finn: will be playing Brad

Kurt: will be playing Riff Raff

Quinn and Tina will both switch on the role of Magenta

Artie will play Dr. Everett V. Scott

Sam: Rocky Horror (blonde with a tan)

Brittany: will be playing Columbia

Carl  aka John Stamos and Mike Chang will share the role of Eddie (a hotter version)



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